The North Hall was built originally as a schoolhouse in 1795 and served as a district school until the early 1930's. Today it serves as a multi-purpose community center for public and private use. This public building is owned by the Town of Huntington and is maintained by the Town of Huntington North Hall Advisory Board and the North Hall Association.

North Hall Advisory Board

The North Hall Advisory Board is a Town of Huntington board that is appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a three year term. Current members are:

  • Nancy Kaminski
  • Jackie Kimsey
  • Peri Sossaman
  • Nancy Webb

North Hall Association

The North Hall Association is a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization that serves under the North Hall Advisory Board. It is open to all Western Massachusetts residents. It has provided service and entertainment to the community since its formation in 1900 with a focus on education and the arts. The association helps in the maintenance and general operation of the North Hall. Over the years the association has spearheaded restoration projects for the preservation of this historic building.

North Hall Association Board Members:

  • David Adams
  • Helena Alves
  • Jane Beane
  • Peg Bedell
  • Liz Bedell
  • Lori Belhumeur
  • Natalie Birrell
  • Tania Coletta
  • Mitch Giannunzio
  • Linda Hamlin
  • Steve Hamlin
  • Nancy Kaminski (Co-Pres.)
  • Jackie Kimsey (Clerk)
  • Carol Lundberg
  • Susan McIntosh
  • Ruth Pardoe
  • Jeff Penn
  • Peri Sossaman (Co-Pres.)
  • Ken Tigar
  • Nancy Webb (Treas.)
  • Jonathan Wyand